August 3rdthru August 9th, 2015



President:  John Wolf

 Vice President:  Scott Stear

 Secretary:  Michelle Crawford

                                                                                         Treasurer:  Sally Hays



  Term Expires November, 2020

      Brenda Smallwood                               

Hanover Township                                               

                                         Keith Hawk                                                                         

West Township                                                

                                        Tom Moore                                                                            

Franklin Township                                              

        Lynnelle Thompson Zimmerman      

Wayne Township                                               

                                  Amanda Moore                                                            

     Franklin Township                                                     

Term Expires November, 2019

                Jim Morris      

                                Fairfield Township                                      

                  Paul Lease         

            Butler Township                   

                Robin Houlette

             Elkrun Township                  

                                            John Wolf       

              Center Township                     

                                            Elmer Zimmerman                                                Franklin Township

Term Expires November, 2018

 Sharen Cope

Butler Township                 

 Katie McCoy

Liverpool Township             

 John Karlen

Butler Township            

 Scott Stear

Unity Township              

Daniel Hawk

 West Township                 


Ex-Officio Members

                                                      Paul Boyd 

                                           Middleton Township

                    Don Humphrey, Jr.

        Hanover Township   

                                                  Owen Unkefer                                               Fairfield Township

                 Nicole Miller

OSU Extension - 4-H Educator




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